Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Best way to diagnosis biilary leak? (Dr. Victoria Chernyak)

India Ink Artifact: Pitfall with severe hepatic steatosis. (Dr. Victoria Chernyak)

Imaging Pitfall mimics of infiltrative hepatocellular carcinoma (Dr. Victoria Chernyak)

One cause of isolated gastric infarction. (Dr. Victoria Chernyak)

Great pick-up: Subtle bladder rupture on non-excretory phase. (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Ultrasound Complete hyadatiform mole. Dr. Nelly Tan

Imaging pitfall: Transient Hepatic Intensity Differences. Dr. Nelly Tan

Gastric diverticulum can mimic left adrenal lesion. Dr. Nelly Tan

IVC congenital Variation Dr. Nelly Tan: Congenital absence of infra hepatic IVC

Abdominal Case Conference 2/23/2021

  1:10 - Peterson space internal hernia from Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy 5:08 - hx of cervical cancer s/p remote radiation with radiatio...