About Us

What this is: 

  • Cases for Aces is an abdominal radiology case webinar 
  • Open platform to share, and foster learning
  • Designed to scale and promote quality abdominal radiology education
  • Powered by cloud-based tools
  • Optimized for efficient and effective learning for high caliber, busy radiologists

Who we are:  

  • Inspired by STR Cardiothoracic Case Webinar and MSK Intergalactic case conference
  • Started by abdominal radiologists/colleagues to share interesting and challenging cases.
  • Learning together in an Ego-free environment
  • Diverse in experience, knowledge, and expertise


  • Peer learning is Fun!
  • We learn and share high-quality, crowd-sourced abdominal radiology knowledge

What you'll find

  • information about how to participate 
  • archives of prior cases presentations (under Case tab)

Have a case to share? 

How it started:

Nelly: During ARRS 2018, I participated in the ARRS 2018 Clinical Educator Development Workshop (which btw is super high-yield and I highly recommend it) and there, I met Travis Henry, one of the course instructors. He told me about the weekly chest case conference that he and his colleagues started 4 years prior and they just hosted their 200th webinar (all web-based, recorded and posted online for education purposes) (check out STR Cardiothoracic Case Webinar).

During the meeting, I bumped into a few outstanding abdominal rads I knew, including Aarti Sekhar (Emory), Matt Davenport (Michigan) and Victor Sai (UCLA) and told them about STR case conference and how we should have one for abdominal radiology. Aarti was the force behind expediting the webinar and she told me "Nelly, I literally have 4000 cases in my teaching file."  Two weeks later, we hosted our first Abdominal Radiology Case Conference on May 14, 2018 with abdominal radiologists from Michigan, Emory,  UCLA,  UT Houston, and Loma Linda.

In 2020, we've teamed up with the Society of Advanced Body Imaging (SABI), to host case conferences weekly. We bosts over about 20-30 attendants per session. 
The format and webinar rules are emulated after STR Cardiothoracic Case Webinar with Travis' help.

Travis Henry (Cardiothoracic radiologist, UCSF): 
"There are no "rules" for what to show. I think we do a good job of showing stuff that we got right, stuff we got wrong, and stuff where we have no idea what it is (essentially group consults). It is important that people don't have an ego in this process."

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