Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Peritoneal implants from immature teratoma (Dr Nelly Tan)

Incidental bladder cancer on prostate MRI. (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Great PET CT cases (Dr. Victor Sai)

Causes of renal cortical hemosiderin (Dr Victoria Cheryank)

Gastric Torsion Complication of gastrostomy tube (Dr Steven Eberhardt)

Simple appearing pancreatic head cyst harboring adenocarcinoma. (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Scary mimic of hemangioma Cholangiocarcinoma (Dr Victoria Chernyak)

Early pancreatic cancer (Dr Victoria Chernyak)

Challenging Case of Gastric cancer (Dr Victoria Chernyak)

Subtle gastric cancer on CT. (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Monday, February 10, 2020

Mystery liver lesion - another sclerosed hemangioma??  (Dr. Steve Eberhardt)

Mysteries hypodense lesions in a cirrotic patient ?infiltrative HCC?? (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Pseudomyxoma - where is the primary tumor?  (Dr. Nelly Tan)

IPMN w/ enhancement - colloid variant of pancreatic cancer (Dr. Aarti Sekhar)

The rare retroperitoneal PEComa (beware in patients with TS, AMLs and sugar tumors!) (Dr. Aarti Sekhar)

Perforated colon cancer mimicking a psoas abscess (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Right lower quadrant pain - Diagnosis Mimics! Dr Victor Sai

Two fatty scrotal masses - do not miss liposarcoma! (Dr. Aarti Sekhar)

Toxic megacolon - Dr. Mark Sugi

Friday, February 7, 2020

Mimic of pancreatic cancer! (IgG4-related disease) (Dr. Victoria Chernyak)

Pancreatic tail mass in young woman (Solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas). (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Fake out: Cause of vascular high signal on pre-contrast MRI (Ferumoxytol) Dr. Aarti Sekhar

Fake Out for Bladder Cancer: Appendiceal Mucinous Adenocarcinoma. (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Complications of Roux en Y gastric bypass. (Dr. Victor Sai)

Intramuscular metastasis of gastric cancer! (Dr. Aarti Sekhar)

Great Call! Rib-fracture hematoma mimicking peri-hepatic nodule. (Dr. Victoria Chernyak)

The look of Gastric Ischemia on CT! (Dr. Steven Eberhardt)

Uterine Leiomyomatosis on MRI. (Dr. Victoria Chernyak)

Pitfall! Colorectal metastasis mimicking liver cyst! (Dr. Aarti Sekhar)

IVC congenital Variation (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Gastric diverticulum can mimic left adrenal lesion. (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Imaging pitfall: Transient Hepatic Intensity Differences. (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Ultrasound Complete hyadatiform mole. (Dr. Nelly Tan)

Great pick-up: Subtle bladder rupture on non-excretory phase. (Dr. Nelly Tan)

One cause of isolated gastric infarction. (Dr. Victoria Chernyak)

Imaging Pitfall mimics of infiltrative hepatocellular carcinoma (Dr. Victoria Chernyak)

India Ink Artifact: Pitfall with severe hepatic steatosis.(Dr. Victoria Chernyak)

Abdominal Case Conference 2/23/2021

  1:10 - Peterson space internal hernia from Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy 5:08 - hx of cervical cancer s/p remote radiation with radiatio...