Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Vaginal melanoma (Ayushi Gupta)

Lupus cholecystitis (Sai Tammisetti)

The Rectal Valves of Houston - not to be confused for a mass (Nelly Tan)

Exploring the three types of "omission errors" (Nelly Tan)

Urolift procedure - an alternative to TURP (Nelly Tan)

Amazing fish bone drama! (Linton Eberhardt)

Focal fat vs real liver lesions (Nelly Tan)

How do you say "Bouveret"?? (Victoria Chernyak)

Mysterious urachal mass (Victoria Chernyak)

Urethral bulking agent - not to be confused for a diverticulum (Sadhna Nandwana)

New bilateral hydronephrosis - think about a bladder mass! (Nelly Tan)

Huge liver mass with bulk fat - what is it?? (Victoria Chernyak)

Perihepatic abscess from dropped gallstones (Sai Tammisetti)

Virtual Education Happy Hours Added: BYOC (Bring your own Cases)

As clinical volumes have increased again, we will be hosting Cases for Aces once per week: Every Tuesday at 11am PST / 2 pm EST !  Follo...