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Here you'll find:

-how to anonymize DICOM data on Osirix/Horos
-if your PACS only lets you export JPEG--> how to import JPEG images and convert to DICOM on Osirix/Horos

-Horos/Osirix only work on Mac


If you have a Mac (and you'll need Mac for the remainder of the instructions) --> you can import DICOM into the Osirix or Horos and click Anonymize button (the button w the question mark).


I'm not sure what viewer you have, but if your PACS only lets you export JPEG like mine, then you can covert the JPEG into DICOM. Another colleague sat me down and walked me through how to convert JPEG (and pdf) to DICOM.

1.  On IMPAX (PC), remover header info  (this essentially anonymizes the study when converted to JPEG)
2. Export series from IMPAX to the desktop as JPEG (DICOM is not an option for my PACS)
3. Upload to Google Drive (off of the PC); download to my Mac laptop
5. Open Horos/Osirix, import using the JPEG to DICOM plugin 

To install JPEG to DICOM plugin:
1. go do Plugins manager
2. click download tab; scroll down to JPEG to DICOM
Click Plugins Manager, "Download" tab, and scroll down to JPEG to DICOM
3. Then, go to Database, click JPEG to DICOM and it'll prompt you to locate your folder w the JPEG images to import.

YouTube has several videos that are helpful:
1.  How to install plugin on Osirix/Horos
2.  YouTube Video for how to install JPEG to DICOM plugin
3. Video on how to import JPEG to DICOM


RadiAnt Viewer for PC:

RSNA MIRC, a teaching file system provided through RSNA. 
Download RSNA MIRC/Teaching File system:

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