Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Abdominal Case Conference - 8/11/2020

0:48 - Submucosal esophageal mass w/ fat!  - Dr. Roopa Ram
6:38 - RLQ pain - fishbone vs BBQ brush wire??  - Dr. Victoria Chernyak
10:08 - Enhancing mass in a c-section scar!  - Dr. Victoria Chernyak
13:31 - Lesion in cirrhotic liver that does not wash out, but does not retain on hepatobiliary phase - which LIRADS is it?? Dr. Victoria Chernyak
20:51 - NET mets to cirrhotic liver vs HCC that takes up DOTATATE?? Diffusion may help.... Dr. Nelly Tan
28:19 - Tumor-in-vein (TIV) in a para-umbilical vein - Dr. Steve Eberhardt
32:15 - Liver mass in Hep B patient - hemangioma, HCC or LRM?? Also nice discussion of HCC-TIV - Dr. Victoria Chernyak
47:35 - Cystic lesions around the rectum - diagnosis please? - Dr. Nelly Tan and Dr. Teresa Diaz

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