Monday, April 15, 2019

Choledochocele (Nelly Tan)

Bladder dome mystery case (Nelly Tan)

Renal cyst sclerotherapy - it works! (Aarti Sekhar)

Rapid metastatic calcinosis with sarcopenia (Victoria Chernyak)

Gossypiboma or cystic hygroma?? (Victoria Chernyak)

Zebra alert - CLOVES syndrome with mesenteric mass (Nelly Tan)

Gastric ulcer vs ulcerated gastric mass (Nelly Tan)

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AR standardized reporting for indeterminate renal masses (Nelly Tan)

When there is ascites, check the appendix! (Aarti Sekhar)

Mysterious liver masses in an HIV patient (Aarti Sekhar)

Friday, April 5, 2019

Treating melanoma mets with Melphalan hepatic perfusion- a novel IR technique!

Adrenal collision! (Nelly Tan)

Gastric cancer nodal staging update (Nelly Tan)

Solid ovarian mass w/ ascites - any guesses? (Aarti Sekhar)

Plasmacytoma made easy (Nelly Tan)

Let's talk about GIBleeding (Victor Sai)

How to ddx colonic wall thickening (Victor Sai)

Beware the inguinal mesh plug - can mimic LN and be hot on PET! (Aarti Sekhar)

Ribbon bowel on CT (Victor Sai)

Mucor in the bowel! (Victor Sai)

Abdominal Case Conference 2/23/2021

  1:10 - Peterson space internal hernia from Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy 5:08 - hx of cervical cancer s/p remote radiation with radiatio...