Saturday, July 25, 2020

Abdominal Case Conference - 7/14/2020

0:00 - Lupus vasculitis - two cases!  Dr. Gitanali Bijaj
4:42 - GVHD of the bowel - Dr. Gitanjali Bijaj
10:53 - What is this foreign body in the bowel??  Dr. Roopa Ram
18:40 - Rare case of Actinomycosis involving the GB - Dr. Kedar Jambhekar
23:25 - Fatty lesion of the adrenal - diagnosis? Dr. Aarti Sekhar
26:48 - Uterine fibroid vs cotyledonoid leiomyosarcoma??  Dr. Aarti Sekhar
29:49 - Biopsy proven renal sinus AML!  Dr. Aarti Sekhar

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