Friday, October 2, 2020

Abdominal Case Conference - 9/22/2020

 0:00 - Small bowel intussusception, cause?  - Dr. Roopa Ram

3:00 - Companion case - colonic intussusception - Dr. Roopa Ram

4:10 - Colonic obstruction due to a large pelvic mass in patient with NF - Dr. Dr. Roopa Ram

7:20 - FNH vs Adenoma - CEUS can help!  Dr. Nelly Tan

18:40 - Partial SBO due to small bowel mass and subtle mesenteric and liver findings - Dr. Cameron Adler

23:44 - T2 bright pelvic mass extending into the sciatic notch - it might be ancient!  Dr. Manjil Chatterji

27:39 - Six companion cases of fibroids and mimics!

27:55 - Spectrum from leiomyoma w/ atypia to STUMP to leiomyosarcoma, including discussion of HLRCC syndrome (beware type 2 papillary RCCs!) - Dr. Gitanjali Bijaj

41:20  - Pregnant patient with unusual fibroid - Dr. Gitanjali Bijaj

42:37 - Fibroid with myxoid degeneration - Dr. Gitanjali Bijaj

45:44 - Lipoleiomyoma - Dr. Gitanjali Bijaj

46:30 - Pedunculated fibroid vs ovarian fibroma?  Dr. Gitanjali Bijaj

48:36 - Broad ligament fibroid vs parasitized fibroid?? Look for the stalk!  Dr. Gitanjali Bijaj

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