Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Abdominal Case Conference - 10/6/2020

0:00 - The rare GUI! Gravid uterus incarceration - Dr. Kedar Jambhekar
9:00 - Also rare type 4 choledochal cyst - Dr. Victoria Chernyak
12:05 - Pancreatic tail IgG4, lymphoma or....something else?? Dr. Victoria Chernyak
14:22 - Giant bartholin cyst - Dr. Victoria Chernyak
15:30 - Extensive LR-M liver lesions - mets, cholangio or HCC?  Dr. Victoria Chernyak
18:50 - Perinephric and presacral soft tissue - what is this diagnosis?  Dr. GW
(let us know who you are!)
23:12 - Pancreatic transplant with large bleed - Dr. Victoria Chernyak
26:33 - Malignant IPMN in tail and then remnant pancreas - Dr. Victoria Chernyak
28:45 - Placenta previa w/ percreta invading bladder! Dr. Steve Eberhardt
32:50 - Cirrhosis pitfall - LR-M lesion mimicking LR-5 when small - Dr. Victoria Chernyak
41:13 - Crohns disease with multiple perforations after steroids and biologic agents - Dr. GW


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