Monday, January 11, 2021

Abdominal case conference - 11/24/2020


0:00 - Rare colonic primary plasmacytoma - Dr. Nelly Tan
3:05 - Pancreatic and renal masses - Mets, lymphoma, IgG4, or VHL?? - Dr. Aarti Sekhar
6:14 - Necrotic mass that became more solid - bx reveals well diff HCC - Dr. Aarti Sekhar
10:15 - T2 bright sciatic notch mass - another myxoid liposarcoma! Dr. Aarti Sekhar
13:00 - Giant lymph nodes in Castleman's disease, don't get fooled by surrounding fatty proliferation!  Dr. Aarti Sekhar
16:28 - Double peak hepatic arterial waveform from a dissection!  Dr. Teresa Diaz (related article:
20:40 - Low grade fibromyxoid sarcoma "Evan's tumor" - Dr. Roopa Ram
25:06 - Ingested.... pencils! Dr. Regino Cube
28:25 - Follow-up to earlier case - double peak of hepatic arterial waveform also be normal! Dr. Roopa Ram

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