Monday, January 11, 2021

Abdominal Case Conference - 12/15/2020


0:00 - Nivolumab-induced pancreatitis - Dr. Gitanjali Bijaj
6:12 - Castleman's disease (the great mimicker!) in the setting of multiple myeloma - Dr. Gitanjali Bijaj
14:25 - Extra/intrahepatic splenosis at the liver dome - Dr. Katie Gardner
18:32 - Full thickness extra-anal intussusecption ("rectal prolapse") on fluoro defecography - Dr. Omar Kallas
21:38 - Severe tri-compartment pelvic floor descent on MR defecography - Dr. Omar Kallas
24:44 - Companion cases of intra-anal intussusception and prolapse on MR - Dr. Victoria Chernyak
26:33 - Huge retroperitoneal mass turned out to be.... an ancient hematoma! And companion case - Dr. Aarti Sekhar
34:04 - MSK companion case of ancient hematoma / calcific myonecrosis - Dr. Kedar Jambhekar
35:10 - Acute on chronic cholecystitis on CT/MR - don't be fooled by lack of GB distention - Dr. Aarti Sekhar
42:38 - PSC mimic but with thoracic LN - sarcoid! Dr. Victoria Chernyak
45:05 - The rare common bile duct IPNB.... with recurrence in remnant CBD after transplant - Dr. Victoria Chernyak
50:23 - Consult case - colorectal liver metastasis impending rupture vs extracapsular extension? Dr. Nelly Tan

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